Morris  Taft Thomas, a gifted author, prolific artist, dynamic poet, and  exceptional teacher was born October 12, 1935 in New Orleans,  Louisiana.  Thomas' works varies from naturalistic to abstract. Contemporary abstract designs, animals, masks and flowers are motifs  that occupy his oeuvre. 

Artist Statement

From my perspective as a visual artist, I envision life as a sphere and  we are mere passengers who pass through and orbit in a circle starting  with inception to infnity. Between the two entities lies the essence of  our being.

Visual social commentary was not a high priority for  creative expression during my formative years as an artist. Now that my  chronological age and mental maturity have evolved, there is urgency for  me to reflect and document social events as they occurred during my era  of social change.

My current utilization of an existentialistic  approach, using mixed medium textures and techniques, is intended to  capture the viewers' attention by using an explosion of brilliant hues.  The overlay of unrelated color combinations tend to make objects in the  composition appear three-dimensional. My metal and wooden sculptures as  well as paintings, reflect contemporary simplicity, yet explicit and unambiguous enough to convey a message from the past to the present.