About Artist

At  the age of two, Thomas' family moved to Scotlandville, Louisiana.  He  attended Southern University Laboratory School in 1953 and completed  undergraduate and graduate work at Southern University in Baton Rouge,  Louisiana. He received the Bachelor of Arts degree in 1960 and Master of  Education in Supervision and Administration in 1978, doing further  study at Trinity University, McNeese State University, and Louisiana  State University. Served on the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities,  board of directors, 1998-2002.

Thomas' teaching career began in  Alexandria, Louisiana where he taught junior high school for twelve (12)  years and was subsequently promoted to principal.  He was a principal  in the Rapides Parish School System for 25 years and adjunct professor  of art hisory at Louisiana State University at Alexandria (LSUA). Thomas  retired in 1997 after a thirty-seven year teaching career.

Thomas  is competent in many mediums including-stone, wood, clay and paint. His  subject matter is drawn from African art combined with an interest in  his native Louisiana heritage. He has embraced this series, taking his  cue from artists like Jacob Lawrence. The artist admits that he  completes a minimum of ten works in each series, then moves on to  another theme of interest. 


Thomas  has won numerous awards in sculpture and ceramics. In 2001, he was  selected as a representative from Louisiana to make a Christmas ornament  for the White House Christmas tree. Also, he was one of the few artists  invited to the White House by President and Mrs. Bush.  He was  recipient of the 2008 Governor's Art Award, naming him Louisiana  Professional Artist of the Year. 

His  work is in many public and private collections. Some of his public  works are located at Grambling State University, The Alexandria Museum  of. Art, Southern University Museum of Art, the Abbeville Museum of Art,  the White House Archives, and the City of Alexandria.
Some private  collectors include: B.B. King, The Honorable Nelson Mandela, the estate  of Alex Haley, and Yolanda King. He has written numerous articles and  books on art and is the author of Contributions of Negro Artists in  Louisiana, 1972 and Eminent Black Artists in Louisiana, 1975. – Elouise  Johnson, Curator SUMA